Embryo Sales

Last Updated
Donor#SirePrice (per embryo)
 01/09EMERALD DOORMAN PROMIS EX927 (grade 1)STANTONS CHIEF (sexed)€520
01/09EMERALD SOLOMON TWIZZLE VG86-2yr2 (grade 1)JORDY RED (sexed)€600


Emerald Doorman Promis EX92 – 3rd Junior 2yr Irish National Dairy Show 2016. Doorman x EX92 Destry x EX Advent x Windy-Knoll View Promis EX95
Emerald Solomon Twizzle (Now VG86-2yr) – 2nd Irish National Dairy 2019 (Solomon x Hallow Attwood Twizzle EX94)

For enquires please contact emeraldholsteins@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Embryo Sales

  1. Hi how are you? Just had an email a few days ago
    From a customer in Germany admiring the Twizzle cow and asking if I had some embryos for sale.
    Do you ever sell or have any eggs from this family? Thanks


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