Judge Edward Griffiths tapped out Milliedale Dusk Rhapsody EX95 as Supreme Champion at the National Dairy show on Saturday last October 20th. This is the first time in our history that we have won the title of supreme champion at the Irish National Dairy show and for all of us at Emerald this is very special.

Milliedale Dusk Rhapsody EX95 – Irish National Dairy Show Champion 2018

Rhapsody has already been crowned champion at Charleville show and reserve champion at The Baileys earlier this year. Rhapsody was purchased at the 2017 Sterndale & Peak dispersal sale in the UK. She calved her 5th with us in January leaving a Lambda heifer calf who is very promising. She was Reserve Champion at the 2017 UK Dairy Expo prior to us purchasing her. She is a daughter of ‘The Tank’ Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody EX97-UK and Milliedale Dusk Rhapsody EX95 completes 14 generations of excellent

Rhapsody has been a very special cow for us in the relatively short amount of time she has been at Emerald. 2018 has been a perfect year for this cow, having a heifer calf in January, she has scored EX95, she was crowned the Irish national champion and she is also well on her way to completing over 1000kgs of milk solids in 305 days on her 5th lactation.


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